A magic winter walk in Bad Ragaz

Tamina Lumina – this is the name of the latest show by the makers of Light Ragaz

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Light Ragaz sold out again!

The success story at the Tamina gorge continues. The season ran for almost an additional two months compared to last year. Also, expectations were higher after last year’s success – and the results couldn’t be more positive.

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We are sold out!

Beginning with November 24, we would love to welcome you to Tamina Lumina, in Bad Ragaz.

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René Wildhaber’s darkest hour

A story of a local hero, a bike, and a unique exception

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Tamina Lumina

On November 24, the brandnew edition of Light Ragaz will open its gates for the first time. Tamina Lumina will plunge Bad Ragaz in a sea of lights and thrill its visitors with a sensational premier.

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Trailer Light Ragaz @ Tamina 2018

Get your first impression of the magical projections!

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Lights on in Bad Ragaz – for the second time!

From this day on, Light Ragaz is enchanting its visitors with magical lights.
With four months playing time this year, many folks might get lucky now and be able to visit the light spectacle at the Tamina gorge that was already sold out after a few weeks in 2017.

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This gorge has an aura

Rosa–El. Ilmer, managing director of Light Ragaz and restaurant owner, can hardly wait to see the second edition of the light spectacle. We have taken a stroll with her through Tamina gorge.

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Light Ragaz is back – brighter and even more colourful!

The light spectacle in the Tamina gorge opens its doors on June 4th, 2018.

Breath taking, brachial and other-worldly. After a sold out season in 2017, the incredible fusion of illusion and reality is back in Bad Ragaz – for a longer time, even brighter and more colourful.

Watch the brand new trailer and have a first glance at how it will be.

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Three more weeks of Hollywood in Heidiland

Until September 30th, Light Ragaz illuminates the Tamina gorge.

It has been a magical summer in Bad Ragaz in the canton of St. Gallen. But not only in the village. Whoever boards the Postauto – Extrabus for the ten minutes’ ride up the Tamina reaches the gorge bearing the same name. The gorge has not only become a lot more colorful since June, but it has turned into the largest natural screen for moving images.

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Sneak Peek

Light Ragaz, 18.7. - 30.9.2017

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The best moments of the opening!

Some impressions of the premiere of Light Ragaz.

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Lights on in Bad Ragaz!

It was inaugurated festively: The spectacle at the Tamina gorge near Bad Ragaz that will be transformed into the world’s largest screen for moving images every night for the next three months. Light Ragaz presents lights, animations, and 3D-effects than will be projected onto the structures and shapes of the rocks with millimeter precision thanks to cutting-edge technology. This projection will tell the...

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History repeats itself

„The history of Light Ragaz is the history of the Tamina gorge. Visitors will be welcomed at its entrance by Paracelsus, the well-known Swiss alchemist and Renaissance doctor“, says Rosa-El. Ilmer, business manager of Light Ragaz. The eccentric philosopher and mystic discovered the healing powers of the thermal water of the Tamina gorge in the early 16th century – at 36.5°, it’s the only water of its kind...

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The vitalization of a village

Light Ragaz originated during the course of the past months thanks to a unique collaboration of private and public institutions. Rosa Ilmer, president of Light Ragaz, is amazed by the dynamic development of the project: „Thanks to the support of the canton, of the political municipality and the local congregation of Bad Ragaz, the hotel keepers association, the tourist office and last but not least the...

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This week was all about testing…


2017 Teaser Video

Light Ragaz – starting July 18th

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Light Ragaz: The Tamina gorge is alive!

This summer, Light Ragaz brings a world premiere to Bad Ragaz, a project that has not yet been seen in this shape or size. Lights, images, and 3D effects will be projected onto the rock walls of the scenic Tamina gorge and will take visitors on a 90 minutes’ walking trip into a fantastic world. With the help of a digital 3D model of the gorge and the respective production mapping, the visual content of ...

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