Light Ragaz: Gold rush in Bad Ragaz

After two sold out season, the spectacle of lights returns to Bad Ragaz from June 13th to October 6th 2019. Magical creatures of air, of fire and earth, plus enormous plants of all shapes and

colours are ablaze in bright light and mesmerize visitors with a breath-taking symbiosis of

art and nature.


In its third year, the completely redesigned show is presenting itself in a golden gown.

Light Ragaz and the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz team up and paint the town golden in honour

of the sesquicentennial and the re-opening of the renovated Grand Hotel Quellenhof. A

golden light is also cast upon the Tamina gorge and the course of the river.


But that’s not the only treat. Somewhere in the world-famous resort, between the source and

the mouth of the river, there lies real gold awaiting daring treasure hunters. At a set date in summer which we’re not telling yet, the gold will become visible in the Tamina gorge – everybody is invited to find and maybe even dig out the gold plus an array of further prizes.


A fantastic light show plus a treasure hunt for real gold: Two really good reasons to take a

summer trip to Bad Ragaz.



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