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Rosa Ilmer


Function: Managing Director

Age: 53 years

Place of residence: Maienfeld, GR

My education: Hotelier HF, CAS Project Management SGO

How I spend my free time:
Jogging outside in nature, doing handcrafts or reading a good book

A book on my bedside table: “Das Café der guten Wünsche” (Marie Adams)



Larissa Marthy


Function: Marketing & Communications

Age: 29 years

Place of residence: Mollis, GL

My education: BSc in Tourismus

How I spend my free time:
with floorball, in the yoga studio, on Walensee in summer and on the ski slopes in winter

A book on my bedside table: “Der Klang des Herzens” (Jojo Moyes)




  • SGKB project competition

Sarganserländer, March 8, 2016
St. Galler Kantonalbank is launching an anniversary competition to mark its 150th birthday. It is looking for ideas and projects that enrich community life and create touching experiences. On May 13, 2016, Bad Ragaz Tourism submits its project idea – a multimedia staging of the historic village pool hall in the heart of Bad Ragaz. Although the project is not selected, participation in the competition triggers the idea of a light show in the Tamina Gorge.


  • Start-up financing

As part of the tourism development concept (TEK) for Bad Ragaz and the surrounding area, the St. Gallen Office of Economy and Labor (AWA) and the political municipality of Bad Ragaz are supporting the idea of Light Ragaz. A New Regional Policy (NRP) project is being launched, which will secure start-up funding from the federal government and the canton.

The St. Galler Kantonalbank, the local community of Bad Ragaz, the Grand Resort and other sponsors (Schützengarten, Plozza Wine Group and Passugger Mineralquellen) are also supporting the project financially. Light Ragaz is intended to help revitalize the village of Bad Ragaz as a tourist destination and generate overnight stays. The aim is to attract around 200,000 additional visitors in four years.


  • Starting signal

On July 18, 2017, Light Ragaz will take place for the first time in the Tamina Gorge. The right people in the right place at the right time, the financial support of numerous partners and the tireless efforts of everyone involved make it possible. The multimedia spectacle in the Tamina Gorge makes international headlines and is completely sold out weeks before the end of the event.



  • Red Bull in the tamina gorge

In June 2018, Light Ragaz opens its doors for the second time and builds on last year’s success with more than 30,000 visitors. With a video production by Red Bull, the media interest is once again huge. World-class slackliner Haruki Kinoshita (JAP) shows off his skills over the roaring Tamina in the middle of the gorge.



  • Tamina Lumina

The “Tamina Lumina” event format is the first event to take place in winter from November 2018 to January 2019. In the heart of Bad Ragaz, a magical winter walk with the largest immersive space in Switzerland will touch the hearts of around 16,000 visitors.



  • Foundation of a stock corporation

Light Ragaz AG was entered in the commercial register on July 19, 2019. The establishment of a public limited company ensures the continued existence of Light Ragaz beyond the duration of the project. Local key players as shareholders ensure broad support and are involved as board members within the company.


  • Wild treasure hunt

In the same year, the 3rd edition of Light Ragaz takes place in the Tamina Gorge under the theme “Goldrush”. In addition to the light spectacle, the wildest treasure hunt in Switzerland with 180 treasures worth a total of CHF 20,000 attracts national interest.



  • Pandemic and event cancellation

The coronavirus pandemic also hits Light Ragaz right in the heart. The event has to be canceled in 2020. Thanks to the generous support of numerous partners, the Lichterglanz – a magical winter walk – is being held in Bad Ragaz as a small ray of hope. The free tour through the village is a ray of hope for young and old.


  • Light and Water Worlds

At the same time, the forced break due to the pandemic is being used to work on the further development of Light Ragaz. On April 17, 2020, the NRP application “Light and Water Worlds Bad Ragaz and Surroundings” is submitted to the St. Gallen Tourism Council. On May 13, 2020, we receive confirmation that our project will be supported for at least three years.


  • World first

In 2021, Light Ragaz presents a world first in the Tamina Gorge – thanks to the latest technology from Sarganserland, visitors’ faces are projected onto the 80-metre-high rock face. The spectacle attracts around 24,000 guests to Bad Ragaz.

In addition, the company now operates a lounge in the Hotel Krone and a bar in the Tamina Gorge.



  • Glittering lights in Bad Ragaz

In winter 2021/22, the Lichterglanz will take place for the second time. The free winter walk through the village becomes a meeting point for locals and guests. In the same year, the successfully implemented NRP project Light Ragaz is officially completed.



  • New artist collective

In 2022, Light Ragaz collaborates with another artist collective for the first time and gives the light show in the Tamina Gorge a completely new signature. However, the season is overshadowed by a tragic accident, as a result of which the gorge remains closed for nine days. Light Ragaz is able to resume operations at the beginning of September.



  • Power crisis

“Power crisis forces Light Ragaz into hibernation” reads the press release in October 2022. The winter event Lichterglanz will not take place in winter 2022/23 due to the feared power shortage.


  • Last Season

In 2023, Light Ragaz will take place in the Tamina Gorge for the last time (for the time being). Those responsible can look back on a six-year success story. In total, Light Ragaz has attracted around 200,000 guests to the region with nine events in summer and winter. This has made an important contribution to increasing the number of overnight stays and the added value of tourism in the region. The goals defined at the start of the project have been achieved.



  • New chapter

From 2024, Rosa Ilmer and Larissa Marthy, who are both employed full-time at Light Ragaz AG, will be working on the “Light and Water Worlds Bad Ragaz and Surroundings” project. You can find out more about the project idea and its progress here. So Light Ragaz lives on and writes the next chapter.



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