Light and Water Worlds (LIWA)




LIWA is to become a light house with international appeal and attraction.


LIWA combines the strengths of the region: tourism makes the high-tech industry visible.



Light Ragaz AG has been committed to sustainable tourism development in Bad Ragaz and the surrounding area from the very beginning. With the project “Light and Water Worlds (LIWA) | Bad Ragaz and surroundings”, a year-round, season- and weather-independent overall offer is planned.


LIWA consists of…


  • …a multifunctional main building with welcome desk, coffee lounge and seminar rooms
  • …the Old Armory with long-stay apartments and an extracurricular learning space
  • …a world of experience in the mountain with an event hall
  • …a elevator with spectacular views
  • …a hotel with restaurant and bar on Wartenstein
  • …and other unique experiences


This is a site development with the aim of upgrading and expanding an area already used for tourism in the municipalities of Bad Ragaz and Pfäfers. The chosen location makes it possible to connect two areas with a elevator, which is considered a unique selling point and lighthouse of the project.


LIWA is intended to become the hub of the region and make the high-tech industry and tourism visible and tangible with the themes of “light” and “water”.




  • Sarganserländer, 27th November 2020

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  • Sarganserländer, 24th August 2022

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  • Sarganserländer, 1st September 2023

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You can find more information about the project in the FAQs below.

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What are the project goals?
  1. Increase the visibility of the high-tech industry thanks to the link with tourism
    1. Raise awareness of professions in the fields of mathematics, IT, natural sciences and technology (STEM)
    2. Create a platform for high-tech companies to promote exchange and networking (encourage new settlements, cluster formation)
  2. Increase day tourism: Create a year-round, season- and weather-independent overall offer that appeals to a broad target group and thus new groups of guests
  3. Upgrade and expand accommodation in the 3-star segment to ideally complement the existing offer in the luxury segment and increase overnight stays in Bad Ragaz and the surrounding area by at least 30%.
  4. Attractive overall offer for events with up to 500 people and thus competitive positioning of the destination in the (inter)national MICE market
  5. Increase in added value in the entire region
  6. Creation of new jobs
Why does the region need the project?

Embedded in an unspoiled natural landscape, the region around Bad Ragaz has a diverse and varied range of tourist attractions to offer. However, tourism has developed in recent years, particularly in the luxury segment.
There is a lack of a year-round, season- and weather-independent overall offer in the mid-price segment that appeals to new target groups and counteracts the current downward trend.


At the same time, the Rhine Valley is the second strongest export region in Switzerland and has a cluster for precision and high-tech products (“Silicon Valley” of precision technology). Numerous Rhine Valley companies play in the top league on the global stage and in their respective sectors. However, the Rhine Valley has dried up in terms of qualified employees – at the same time, the growth potential is high and more and more highly specialized and well-trained specialists are needed. In addition, new job profiles in the fields of mathematics, IT, natural sciences and technology (STEM) are partly unknown and the proportion of women is extremely low. There is therefore a shortage of young talent.


The Alpine Rhine Valley is considered the center of Europe, “halfway” between the metropolises of Milan, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich with a high quality of life and the most attractive employment and training opportunities. The high attractiveness of our region as a location is a basic prerequisite for both the high-tech industry and tourism in order to create good framework conditions for economic growth.


LIWA combines these two strengths of the region and thus ensures a clear positioning and international appeal.

What needs should be satisfied?


  • Highly attractive location in order to offer an attractive place to work and live
  • Greater visibility of the high-tech industry and therefore more attention for the sector
  • Promoting young talent and raising awareness of STEM professions
  • Attractive overall offering including event rooms with sufficient capacity for larger events, sales meetings, product presentations, etc.
  • Overnight accommodation for customers and accommodation for employees



  • Hotel offer in the mid-price segment with sufficient capacity (>100 rooms)
  • Attractive overall offer for seminars, workshops, congresses etc. (accommodation, catering and seminar rooms in one place)
  • Seasonal and weather-independent experience offer that appeals to a new target group and attracts guests to the region all year round



  • Expanded living space for encounters (especially restaurants)
  • Expanded leisure facilities (playgrounds / world of experiences)
  • Attractive workplaces
  • Extracurricular place of learning for school-age children and young people
Where is the project to be realized?

As a spatially relevant project, LIWA is subject to the principles of spatial planning. The availability of suitable building land is one of the limiting factors for the implementation of the project. For this reason, a well-founded site analysis and subsequent assurance of the availability of suitable building land was carried out by R+K Büro für Raumplanung from August 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023.


The Hotel Schloss Wartenstein / Rosenbergli parking lot / Altes Zeughaus site in Bad Ragaz and Pfäfers scored best in the evaluation based on the assessment criteria:

  • There is a direct highway connection on the valley floor (A13) and access from the train station to the site is possible by local bus.
  • The “Rosenbergli” parking lot and Altes Zeughaus with the connection (elevator) to the Hotel Schloss Wartenstein site are ideal for LIWA’s development plans and are extremely attractive in combination.
  • Land reserves can be conserved, as existing building land and areas already used for tourism are utilized.


Initial discussions have taken place with the landowners. They are in favor of the project and are generally positive about participation (sale or building rights). In order for the next steps to be taken to secure the site, it is essential to check the project’s eligibility for approval. Clarifications are currently underway.

How is the project financed?

The project was launched in October 2020 as an NRP project. The New Regional Policy (NRP) enables the federal government and the cantons to promote projects that sustainably strengthen the innovative strength, added value and attractiveness of the regions. The Canton of St. Gallen’s location promotion department is closely supporting the project. Phase 1 of the project was successfully completed on September 30, 2023. The second phase, which started at the beginning of 2024, is also co-financed by companies from industry and tourism.

Is there an investor?

The project team is currently working on an investor dossier. Initial contacts have already been made with potential investors. However, further clarifications will be necessary in order to convince an investor of the idea. It is planned that a private investor or a group of investors will bear the construction costs. The investment calculation does not currently provide for any public sector involvement.

What work is currently underway?

The detailed concept with project film and a comprehensive business plan are already in place. A regional and local site evaluation has also been carried out to examine possible locations for implementation.

In the current project phase, the aim is to clarify the feasibility and eligibility for approval. The following questions should be clarified by spring 2025:



  1. Feasibility checked – it can be demonstrated whether the project is feasible, how it is feasible and why an investor should invest (content, legal, technical, spatial feasibility and financial framework with business plan)
  2. Financing secured – with the help of an investor dossier, one or more investors can be convinced of the project and financing for its realization can be secured
  3. Operator (company) on board – operating concept in place and operator(s) available


Where can I track the progress of the project?
  • Our newsletter

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  • Blog

Once a month you will find interesting information on the current project status in our blog.


  • Social Media

Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram). We take you behind the scenes from time to time and give you an insight into our work.

When will the public be informed about the project?

Various public information events are planned from spring 2024. Information on these will be published promptly on this website and in the Bad Ragaz municipal events calendar and in Ragazetta.

How can I get involved in this project?

Focus groups and/or workshops as well as information events will be held over the next few months in order to meet the various needs. We are always happy to receive suggestions or questions about the project. Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you.


Light Ragaz AG, based in Bad Ragaz, is the project sponsor, developer and implementer. However, as many different interest groups as possible are represented within the project organization in order to achieve broad support and ensure inter-company cooperation.


Projectorganisation (PDF)


The political municipality of Bad Ragaz, the local community and various cooperation partners also support the project.


How will the project continue to be financed?

The canton of St. Gallen is currently examining further funding

Light Ragaz develops promising overall solution

An initial conclusion after 3 years of project work

Light Ragaz wants to further promote tourism in the region

New project has started

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