Light Ragaz: The Tamina gorge is alive!

This summer, Light Ragaz brings a world premiere to Bad Ragaz, a project that has not yet been seen in this shape or size. Lights, images, and 3D effects will be projected onto the rock walls of  the scenic Tamina gorge and will take visitors on a 90 minutes’ walking trip into a fantastic world. With the help of a digital 3D model of the gorge and the respective production mapping, the visual content of Light Ragaz is being broadcast onto the structures and shapes of the rocks so that visitors lose all sense of space, and reality and illusion start to blur into each other.


Until the end of September, this enormous endeavor will not only present visitors with an interactive dream world, but also with a fairytale-like story of Good and Evil from Zurich-based agency Projektil. A few days ago, the makers were able to breath life into the rocks of the Tamina gorge for the first time and test the first part of the show that will enchant Switzerland every night from July 18th on.

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