The presale is open

Light Ragaz returns to the Tamina Gorge from May 26 to October 15, 2022. In summer 2022, the makers of the light spectacle will present a new concept. Tickets are now available in advance. 


Light Ragaz returns to Tamina Gorge from May to October 2022 with a new show and touching storytelling. The light spectacle tells a story about happiness – why we seek it, where we find it and how we learn to enjoy more. The nighttime transformation of the approximately 1km-long tour enchants visitors with fascinating light experiences, playful interactions and a heartwarming narrative about the journey to happiness. “We want to win over guests with an authentic overall experience,” says Rosa Ilmer, Managing Director at Light Ragaz AG, summarizing the new concept.


Storytelling takes center stage
The creative concept for the 2022 Summer Edition was penned by Light Ragaz. “We are focusing on authentic storytelling and want to awaken emotions in visitors,” says Ilmer. In this way, he says, it is possible to stand out from other events in the field of light art and strengthen Light Ragaz’s unique selling point. “The brute nature of the Tamina Gorge makes Light Ragaz unique – the experience of nature should therefore once again increasingly come to the fore,” Ilmer explains her approach.
Content production has already begun. Visitors can expect a completely revamped overall experience, because for the first time the show will be co-developed by a different collective of artists. “We are very excited about the new collaboration with a young, dynamic team and are looking forward to implementing our ideas,” says Ilmer. Through different, new perspectives, those responsible are striving to further develop the product, which will pick up the needs of the guest even better.


Book early and benefit
Advance sales for Light Ragaz 2022 have opened. Tickets are available online at www.lightragaz.com, at Heidiland information points and at the official Ticketino advance booking offices. Until March 31, 2022, you can benefit from an early bird discount of 20% (use promo code EarlyBird2022 in the online store). The experience in the Tamina Gorge can be visited on selected dates until the end of June and from July 1 to October 15, 2022 from 5:30 p.m. each day.


Project phase successfully completed
Light Ragaz was launched in spring 2017 as a New Regional Policy (NRP) project with the aim of sustainably revitalizing tourism. Start-up funding from the federal government and the canton of St. Gallen made the high investments in technology and infrastructure possible. Since then, the event has been successively developed and the organization professionalized. Since July 2019, the public limited company Light Ragaz AG is responsible for the operational management. With the successful implementation in summer 2021, the project phase could now be officially concluded. “The feedback from the location promotion of the Canton of St. Gallen at the end of the project is gratifying and fills us with pride,” says Ilmer, who was the idea generator for Light Ragaz. She is pleased that the Light Ragaz events have been able to establish themselves and will continue beyond the duration of the project.

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