Winterbreak in the Tamina gorge

The light spectacle returns in June 2020


The gold rush is over: half a year after the announcement of the new season and almost 25,000 tickets sold later, the lights from Light Ragaz are idle. The spectacular show, in which images and animations are projected onto the rock walls of the Tamina Gorge, which are up to 80 meters high, returns to the well-deserved winter break. The managing director of Light Ragaz, Rosa Ilmer, looks back on an exciting year: “It was a spectacular summer and we look back on it with great humility. We are sure that the visitors of Light Ragaz are touched by the play of lights at this place of power.


”Not only the fantastic projections by the Zurich art collective Projektil have bathed Bad Ragaz in golden light this year. The entire town celebrated this year’s motto with a memorable campaign: “Hundreds of Light Ragaz fans followed our call for the wildest treasure hunt in Switzerland and spread gold fever throughout the region,” recalls Ilmer. “However, there is not much time for nostalgia, we are already in the preparations for the coming season and can hardly wait to turn our ideas into reality.”


In June 2020 it is finally time again and Light Ragaz invites you to the enchanting gorge with its unique sea of ​​lights for the fourth time.


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