Lights on in Bad Ragaz – for the second time!

From this day on, Light Ragaz is enchanting its visitors with magical lights.


With four months playing time this year, many folks might get lucky now and be able to visit the light spectacle at the Tamina gorge that was already sold out after a few weeks in 2017. The event had resonated euphorically in 2017, and thus the illustrious guests could barely wait for the 2018 premiere with all its completely updated installations.


It looks like this year again, the team is about to meet everybody’s expectations. The projections of the Zurich based artists’ collective Projektil literally enthral the visitors and make space and time turn into a mere footnote. Going into the gorge, you keep meeting visitors with an astonished look on their faces who have to come to grips again with the daily conditions here on planet Earth. One thing is for sure: Light Ragaz is making a lasting impression.

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