End of season for Light Ragaz

Light Ragaz looks back on a successful season with around 15,000 guests. However, it will remain dark in Bad Ragaz until spring 2023 – the winter event Lichterglanz will not take place due to the feared power shortage. “The lights will be on again in the mystical Tamina Gorge from 18 May 2023.

Embedded in the breathtaking natural scenery of the Tamina Gorge near Bad Ragaz, Light Ragaz inspired this year with inspiring storytelling around the theme of happiness and video projections on the up to 80-metre-high rock walls. The overall audiovisual experience with fascinating images, catchy music and playful interactions thrilled visitors from 16 May to 22 October 2022. Despite great challenges, those responsible were able to inspire around 15,000 guests during this year’s season. “We have received numerous, positive feedbacks and are already looking forward to the return in spring 2023,” says Rosa Ilmer, managing director at Light Ragaz AG. It is already certain that Light Ragaz will return to the Tamina Gorge from 18 May to 21 October 2023.

No glow of lights in Bad Ragaz
Until then, it will remain dark in Bad Ragaz for the time being. The plan would have been for Light Ragaz to return as early as November with the “Lichterglanz” event format, enveloping Bad Ragaz in magical light during Advent and Christmas. In view of the current discussions surrounding a power shortage in winter, those responsible have decided to cancel the event this year.
“We had already worked out a reduced event format as an alternative – but it didn’t seem right to realise it because of the current situation,” says Ilmer, explaining the decision. In addition, the event, which took place for the first time in 2021, is free of charge and therefore only possible thanks to the generous support of sponsors. Since the increased electricity prices also pose great challenges for our partners, the organisers consider sponsorship requests inappropriate at the moment. “We regret the decision very much, but are confident that we will be able to hold the Festival of Lights again in the winter of 2023/24,” Ilmer continues. Nevertheless, the traditional Festival of Lights will take place on the village square, which is organised and carried out by Bad Ragaz Tourism.

Preparations for 2023 are underway
Those responsible are using the time until spring to prepare and optimise the planned summer and winter events in 2023. Several innovations and additional offers are planned. In parallel, Rosa Ilmer and Larissa Marthy, who both work full-time at Light Ragaz AG, are working on the project “Light and Water Worlds Bad Ragaz and Surroundings”. The tourism development project is set to gain even more momentum in 2023 and will soon be presented to the general public. If you would like to follow the current developments and gain exciting insights into everyday working life at Light Ragaz, you can listen to the podcast “Work light Balance”.

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