The vitalization of a village

Light Ragaz originated during the course of the past months thanks to a unique collaboration of private and public institutions. Rosa Ilmer, president of Light Ragaz, is amazed by the dynamic development of the project: „Thanks to the support of the canton, of the political municipality and the local congregation of Bad Ragaz, the hotel keepers association, the tourist office and last but not least the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and other donators and supporters, the idea has become what it is today; Light Ragaz is, in the truest sense of the word, a light for Bad Ragaz – which is precisely what we wanted it to be from the start.“


Also, the canton of St. Gallen has recognized the exceptional opportunity presented by Light Ragaz and helped develop the project, as Peter Kuratli, Head of the Cantonal Office for Economics and Labour, explains: „The collision of most brachial nature and cutting- edge technology has been unheard of before, this is a world debut. Also, the project unites the core issues of thermal water with culture, light, and art. Thanks to its supra company character, Light Ragaz is a unique opportunity to give a village and its region new touristic impulse.“

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