Light Ragaz is back

Light Ragaz is back in the Tamina Gorge – from now until mid-October. In addition to spectacular natural scenery, visitors can expect inspiring storytelling. The story about happiness comes from the pen of Light Ragaz, and for the first time the collective “Packungsbeilage” has been commissioned for the artistic realisation.

Embedded in the breathtaking natural scenery of the Tamina Gorge near Bad Ragaz, Light Ragaz will inspire visitors this year with inspiring storytelling around the theme of happiness – why we seek it, where we think we can find it, and how we can learn to enjoy it more. Visitors can expect an overall audiovisual experience with fascinating images, catchy music and playful interactions. The new show can be visited from now until 15 October 2022 from 5.30 pm. The Light Ragaz performances take place up to seven times a day and last for a total of two hours, including the spectacular ride by post bus from Bad Ragaz and back. Tickets have already been available in advance for a few weeks and are very much in demand. “It’s worth getting hold of a ticket early,” says Rosa Ilmer, business manager at Light Ragaz AG.

Creative concept from the pen of Light Ragaz
The light spectacle is known for unique video projections on the up to 80-metre-high rock faces of the Tamina Gorge, creating one of the largest natural canvases for moving images. This year, the focus is on its own storytelling. Light Ragaz penned the creative concept for the new show as well as the story. “We are focusing on a narrative that skilfully incorporates the historical events of the location, making it authentic and tangible,” says Ilmer. The approximately 1-kilometre-long tour is intended to surprise and inspire visitors, according to the makers of Light Ragaz.
This year, for the first time, the artists’ collective “Packungsbeilage” from Langenthal was commissioned for the artistic implementation. The trio with Lisa Laser, Mirko Gredig and Moritz Flachsmann helped develop the overall concept and worked out the entire content of the video projections. The result is unique images and an unbelievable blaze of colour, which give the show a visibly different appearance. Okula AG from Zurich, under the project management of Emanuel Ambühl, who has been with Light Ragaz since 2017, is responsible for the set-up, technology and scenography. He and his team take great care to ensure that everything runs smoothly – in harmony with nature – for the entire duration of the event.

Long-term event concept
“We rely on authentic storytelling combined with the brute nature of the Tamina Gorge,” Ilmer summarises the event concept. In this way, he says, it is possible to stand out from other events in the field of light art and strengthen the unique selling point of Light Ragaz. “The focus is on the guest and their need for a unique experience far away from everyday life,” Ilmer explains her approach.
With the elaborate development of the four elemental spirits – Tamina, the water spirit; Nubes, the air spirit; Quercus, the earth spirit and Vulpes, the fire spirit – the organisers also want to focus on storytelling and the overall experience at the next Light Ragaz events. “The plan is for the theme and main character to change every year and for the story to find an exciting and entertaining continuation in each case,” says Ilmer with a view to the planned editions for the next three years.

Project phase successfully completed
To date, around 150,000 visitors have been inspired and the Light Ragaz events are an integral part of the rich event programme in the region. This successful development was initiated in spring 2017 with the New Regional Policy (NRP) project and supported until 2020 with contributions from the federal government and the canton. The project phase was successfully completed last year – after a Corona-related extension of one year. Initiator and idea generator for Light Ragaz, Rosa Ilmer, has been responsible for the successive development of the events since the beginning. “With the founding of the limited company in summer 2019 with regional key players, the foundation stone was laid for the continuation of Light Ragaz beyond the duration of the project,” says Ilmer, describing an important milestone in the still young company history. Since the beginning of 2022, Light Ragaz has been standing on its own two feet and has grown into a self-supporting company with an office and two full-time jobs. With further innovative projects, those responsible are striving to ensure the successful further development of Light Ragaz AG.


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