This gorge has an aura

Rosa–El. Ilmer, managing director of Light Ragaz and restaurant owner, can hardly wait to see the second edition of the light spectacle. We have taken a stroll with her through Tamina gorge.


Rosa–El. Ilmer, you know this gorge like the back of your hand. Still, I can sense your enthusiasm. How have you kept it alive through all these years?
This gorge has an aura. It has something mystical, and it wears another face depending on the season. Right now it is naked, at other times it wears a garb – and now all these magic light projections. I am stoked to know it is about to begin again.


What has been going on here in Bad Ragaz and in your life since September 2017?
As you know, everything happened rather quickly – the first edition of Light Ragaz was a complete success, the shows sold our rapidly. Afterwards, I took a three weeks’ break in order to stomach it all and to be able to realize what we had achieved together. But after that, it didn’t take long for us to get back to together and to start thinking about how we would be able to build on last year’s success. We already have a ton of work behind us – and loads more looming ahead.


Actually, everything was perfect already last year.
Yes, but I am not the kind of person who would rest on my laurels. Success creates responsibility – to me, this means «now more than ever»! Besides, now that I know what I am talking about as opposed to last year, my expectations are higher. Our approach is to make a great project even more amazing. This is what we have been working on intensively – and successfully, I believe.


What exactly will be different from last year?
Just you wait and see. The outcome of our work is a fusion of well-proven and new elements. An illusion in perfect harmony of history and reality. I promise you an emotional journey and truly magical encounters.


The spectacle will last longer this year.
Exactly, we will be showing our spectacle at the Tamina gorge for about six weeks longer than in 2017, which means a total duration of four months. I do hope that we’ll be able to generate the same enthusiasm, to spark the same flame.


What influence has this enthusiasm had on tourism and on Bad Ragaz generally?
An immense one. I can unreservedly say: Thanks to Light Ragaz we have been able to put an end to a dry spell here. Not only have we generated overnight stays. We also have been fortunate to welcome visitors who came here to shop, to enjoy a beverage, and to be amazed. And if you’re amazed, you’re sure to return.

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