Winter is coming to Ragaz.

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June 4th — Sept. 30th 2018

René Wildhaber’s darkest hour

A story of a local hero, a bike, and a unique exception

Tamina Lumina

On November 24, the brandnew edition of Light Ragaz will open its gates for the first time. Tamina Lumina will plunge Bad Ragaz in a sea of lights and thrill its visitors with a sensational premier.

Trailer Light Ragaz @ Tamina 2018

Get your first impression of the magical projections!

Lights on in Bad Ragaz – for the second time!

From this day on, Light Ragaz is enchanting its visitors with magical lights.
With four months playing time this year, many folks might get lucky now and be able to visit the light spectacle at the Tamina gorge that was already sold out after a few weeks in 2017.

This gorge has an aura

Rosa–El. Ilmer, managing director of Light Ragaz and restaurant owner, can hardly wait to see the second edition of the light spectacle. We have taken a stroll with her through Tamina gorge.


Lively spirits of the air and stubborn spirits of the earth, ambitious spirits of the fire and tempting spirits of the water will make your acquaintance during your journey into the mystical and legendary Tamina gorge.
Breath – takingly and enchantingly, they swan over the almost 80 meters high cliffs and tell the story of a myth – enshrouded world.

Only by touching the life – giving thermal water of 36.5 degrees, you will be able to engulf the spirits of the elements and their surrounding. Let yourself be taken away into a glistening and sparkling world and discover the force of the elements.

Light Ragaz opens its doors on June 4th, 2018 and is open daily to the public until the end of September.

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