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Jun 13th 2019 — Oct 06th 2019

Lights on in Bad Ragaz – for the third time

Gold rush in the Tamina gorge – from now on every day until early October.

Light Ragaz: Gold rush in Bad Ragaz

After two sold out season, the spectacle of lights returns to Bad Ragaz on June 13th 2019. In its third year, the completely redesigned show is presenting itself in a golden gown.

Light Ragaz sold out again!

The success story at the Tamina gorge continues. The season ran for almost an additional two months compared to last year. Also, expectations were higher after last year’s success – and the results couldn’t be more positive.

We are sold out!

Beginning with November 24, we would love to welcome you to Tamina Lumina, in Bad Ragaz.


Lively spirits of the air and stubborn spirits of the earth, ambitious spirits of the fire and tempting spirits of the water will make your acquaintance during your journey into the mystical and legendary Tamina gorge.
Breath – takingly and enchantingly, they swan over the almost 80 meters high cliffs and tell the story of a myth – enshrouded world.

Only by touching the life – giving thermal water of 36.5 degrees, you will be able to engulf the spirits of the elements and their surrounding. Let yourself be taken away into a glistening and sparkling world and discover the force of the elements.

Light Ragaz opens its doors on June 4th, 2018 and is open daily to the public until the end of September.

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