I do have a general question regarding Tamina Lumina.


For general inquiries regarding your visit to Bad Ragaz and Tamina Lumina, the experts of Heidiland Tourisms will gladly be at your service.


Infostelle Bad Ragaz, Am Platz 1, 7310 Bad Ragaz

Tel. +41 (0)81 300 40 20



Or contact the Light Ragaz – Management via info@lightragaz.com.


When can I visit the experience?


Daily from 24 November 2018 until 12 January 2019.

(Closed on 24 and 25 December 2018)


Sunday through Thursday

5 pm – 9 pm


Friday through Saturday

5 pm – 10 pm


Last admission one hour before closing time

(Su – Th: 8pm · Fr – Sa: 9pm)


How much does it cost?



CHF 18.–


Children (5 to 16 years)

CHF 5.–


Small Children (0 to 4 years)

Free of charge – only accompanied by adults


Groups (starting from 15 persons)

Upon request


Plus advance booking office fee.

Transportation along the PostAuto-Line 451 from «Bad Ragaz, Bahnhof» to «Bad Ragaz, Post» and back is included in the ticket price.


How can I purchase tickets?





Official advance booking offices of Heidiland Tourismus

Info Point Bad Ragaz


Official advance booking offices of Ticketino



Via the ticket hotline of Ticketino

900 441 441 (CHF 1.– per minute)


At the box office of Light Ragaz. The box office is situated at the town’s library (Badstrasse 16, 7310 Bad Ragaz), just in a short walking distance to the entrance of Tamina Lumina, and is open from 5pm.


No exchange or refund possible.

Terms and Conditions (only in German)


Complete an insurance for your ticket directly at ticket purchase, for only CHF 0.45 per ticket.

Detailed Policy Conditions on the website of Ticketino.


How do I get there?


Public Transportation

By train in one hour from Zurich or St.Gallen Bad Ragaz station and 15 minutes on foot to village center or take the bus until Bad Ragaz, Post. Transportation along the PostAuto-Line 451 from «Bad Ragaz, Bahnhof» to «Bad Ragaz, Post» and back is included in the ticket price.


Private Transportation

In 45 minutes accessible from Zürich or St.Gallen and in 30 minutes from Feldkirch. Take the highway exit A13 Bad Ragaz and directly head into the village center of Bad Ragaz.


Possibilities for parking can be found in closest proximity to the point of departure of the Postauto – Extrabus.


Parking Dorfzentrum 

until 7 pm CHF 1.– per hour

from 7 pm CHF 0.50 per hour


Parking Tamina Therme

CHF 1.50 per hour


Where is Tamina Lumina located?


The entrance and box office for Tamina Lumina is located at the Tobelbrücke in Bad Ragaz, just a short five–minute walk from the town’s center in the direction of Tamina gorge. Lanterns will guide you along the path from the town’s center. Just follow the main road to Kronenplatz and take a right turn in the direction of Tamina gorge. The Badstrasse will guide you directly to the entrance of Tamina Lumina. The exit is located at the main road in the direction of Valens, just opposite the Grand Resort hotels. Tickets must be presented at the entrance.


The experience walk will take place on a compound in the heart of Bad Ragaz.


How is the admission organized?


Tickets must be presented at the entrance. Admission will be about every five minutes. Short waiting periods may occur.


The experience walk will roughly take one hour of your precious time. During opening hours, you can decide on your own, when to enter.  Last admission one hour before closing time (Su – Th: 8pm · Fr – Sa: 9pm)


How do I have to dress myself?


Come rain or shine, Tamina Lumina will take place in all wheather conditions. We therefore recommend wearing warm and weather – proof clothing.


Light Ragaz Management GmbH assumes no liability, in case a guest is not wearing the appropriate clothing and is carelessly walking on the compound.


How can I still my hunger and where do I sleep?


During the experience

Enjoy simple delicacies and refreshments in our winter village.


Prior and after the experience

Specifically designed offers of Bad Ragaz’ restaurants and hotels will optimize your visit of Light Ragaz.


Further information of versatile offers can be found here

Heidiland Tourismus


Can we visit Tamina Lumina in a group?


Tamina Lumina is perfectly fit for visiting in a group. Starting with 15 people, we will grant you a reduction on ticket prices for Tamina Lumina.


Combine Tamina Lumina with a delicious dinner and/or apéro on the premises or in one of the town’s restaurants – the ideal combination for an enchanting and wonderful christmas event.


More information can be obtained at the info point in Bad Ragaz, by phone +41 (0)81 300 40 20 or by mail spavillage@heidiland.com.


Can I enjoy Tamina Lumina in a wheel chair or with a buggy?


Visiting Tamina Lumina in a wheel chair or with a buggy is possible. But only when accompanied by another person.


Can I bring my four – legged friend?


As dogs are reacting sensitively to light and sound in Tamina Lumina, they have to stay at home and cannot be brought along with you.


What else do I have to pay attention to?

Tamina Lumina is not suitable for persons with photophobia.


Terms and Conditions (only in German)


Can I give Tamina Lumina as a present?


You can buy vouchers for Tamina Lumina online.

Vouchers have to be redeemed and do not qualify as a valid ticket.


About us

The overall goal of Light Ragaz Management is to bring a large amount of excited and recurring guests during about six months each year to Bad Ragaz and the Tamina gorge. In order to reach this ambitious objective, a four year long project has been brought to life in 2017, with financial and conceptional help from the private, communal, cantonal and national level. During these four years, Light Ragaz will be continuously and firmly established, in order to foster the basis for a long lasting and successful continuity of Light Ragaz.


In 2018, besides the successful summer edition Light Ragaz @ Tamina, a further edition of Light Ragaz will be developed. This will take place during the winter months and will be set up to enchant our guests in Bad Ragaz itself.


The following people are responsible for Light Ragaz

·  Rosa–El. Ilmer, Managing Director

·  Oliver Gröble

·  Larissa Marthy

·  Samuel Mösle



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