1535 AD

Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, known as Paracelsus, a well – known natural philosopher, scientist and physician, commences his work as the first balneologist at Bad Pfäfers, situated at the entrance to Tamina gorge.
For ages, illustrious guests and people in need of cure have been treated at Bad Pfäfers by bathing in the life – giving water of the thermal spring. Following a legendary tale, a white dove once has shown two servants of the nearby monastery the blue gold, which bubbles from deep inside the earth to the surface and emerges with exactly 36.5 degrees Celsius.

Once, while climbing down the steep and rugged cliffs of Tamina gorge, Paracelsus saw the glittering and sparkling of the thermal water from far away. When he touched it, something mysteriously happend. Through the water’s purifying effect on the body and mind, he became able to see things, which usually are hidden to human’s eye.

At the flowing water’s edge and in airy heights, and in the glinting fiery glow or in a cove of the rough cliffs he could see them. Lively spirits of the air and stubborn spirits of the earth, ambitious spirits of the fire and tempting spirits of the water.

In his scientific and philosophic writings, he tried to register and sketch the hidden world and its spirits, in order to erect a bridge between reality and illusion for future generations. Touch the life – giving thermal water and immerse in the world of the elemental spirits.

Spirits of the Water

Graceful Nymphs
With the help of their beguiling chants, they guard the secret of the thermal spring.

Spirits of the Fire

Mighty Salamanders
Their heat and blazing fire can melt down stones.

Spirits of the Earth

Small and whimsical gnomes, as well as colossal stone – giants.
Keeper of the precious metals and gemstones. They are renowned for their blacksmithing.

Spirits of the Air

Delicate Sylphs
Intangible creatures, which are dancing with the wind.

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