Paracelsus's magical journey

A wondrous story, part dream and part reality, whisks visitors to Tamina Lumina away into a long–forgotten world. Against the backdrop of historical events in Bad Ragaz, a fantastic story is told that will take visitors on a journey to discover the secret of the warm spring.

Immerse yourself in a world full of light and emotion – a fantastical world that opens up before you that you can see, touch and experience. The interplay between fairy–tale story and cutting–edge light technology creates a truly breathtaking evening show.

Visitors will move across the Tamina on the old bath bridge. Projections onto the waterfall show a little boy Paracelsus getting lost during a millennium flood. The magical search for Paracelsus tells a fictional tale about how the secret mineral spring water of Bad Ragaz was discovered. A race against time starts – and visitors follow the illuminated traces of Paracelsus through the old buildings of Bad Ragaz.

1 – Waterfall

This is the starting point of this fantastic story. Paracelsus, an inquisitive young man, hears a mysterious voice while out on a walk with his parents. He fearlessly follows the sound of the voice and disappears into the wildly rushing river.

Duration: 5 minutes.

2 – Water castle

His desperate parents search for their child as a storm brews. As the river grows ever more turbulent, and with no sign of their son, they call after him even more desperately.

Duration: 3 minutes.

3 – Building facade

Things start to happen more quickly. The Tamina river breaks its banks. The villagers desperately erect a dam to protect themselves against the flood waters. Paracelsus’s parents start to worry that they will no longer find their son alive. But there, in the dim light of darkness, they see a mysterious silhouette in the water. What could it be?

Duration: 5 minutes.

4 – Old laundry house

Thanks to Tamina, Paracelsus finds his way to her magical home and meets fantastical creatures who seem to react to his touch and reveal a big secret to him.

No defined duration; limited number of visitors.

5 – Sawmill

Shadow, light and gentle music interact to create dream–like scenarios and silhouettes from the story.

No defined duration.

6 – In the barn and on the street

The scent of sugar–roasted almonds and freshly baked spiced bread brings visitors back to culinary reality for a brief moment in the old barn, with time to eat a light snack, warm cold hands with a cup of glühwein and discuss how the story might end.

No defined duration.

7 – The fantastic finale

Voices filled with hope can be heard in the village. Paracelsus is alive? The villagers listen to Paracelsus’s story in unbelieving awe and become witness to a truly historic event. Paracelsus can only reveal the secret of the Tamina that he has discovered to a single person. Will he make the right choice?

Duration: 15 minutes.


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