Light Ragaz reinvents itself

We have been working on a new concept over the past few months. After three successful summer editions in the Tamina Gorge, the multimedia experience should have shone in a new light this summer. However, due to the measures decreed by the Federal Council in the fight against the new corona virus, we have to postpone the event until 2021. Therefore we have to be patient even longer until we can present the new show to our guests.


What is certain is that Light Ragaz will not be recognisable in early summer 2021. Next summer, Light Ragaz will become an interactive world of experience that touches all senses. An adventure for young and old is waiting for you, because the installations seem to react to our touches. We consciously break away from the successful storytelling around the alchemist and spa doctor Paracelsus and go new and exciting ways with a complete revision of the installations. You will experience a magical encounter with the element water and go on an interactive tour through the light-filled Tamina Gorge. A unique experience for all senses.


The secret of the new show will soon be revealed here.

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