Tamina Lumina

The magical journey of young Paracelsus


Experience the millennium flood of Bad Ragaz and begin searching for the lost child in the heart of the worldwide renown spa village. For 7 weeks, Tamina Lumina will plunge Bad Ragaz in a sea of lights and narrate the fantastical story of young Paracelsus. Witness Paracelsus’ tragical fall into the roaring Tamina and his magical subsequent journey to the secret of the hot spring water.


Tamina Lumina is a fusion of newest technologies and combines video mapping on buildings and natural sceneries together with classic light installation. Furthermore, a sensational premiere will be unveiled: the Grand Resort’s once abandoned Old Laundry will be awakend from its deep slumber. It will transform into Switzerland’s largest room, where light will engulf the floors and walls. This so called source of life will present you with visual and physical interactions in a completely immersive world.


A sublime play between magic and technology and an immersion into a totally different world. Loose track of time and space and enjoy the here and now, the instant moment.


Tamina Lumina will be open from November 24, 2018, throughout January 12, 2019.



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