In their podcast, Rosa (53 years old) and Larissa (29 years old) talk about everything that concerns them as women in their day-to-day work and the role their year of birth plays in this. It’s not about feminism, generational conflict or gender bashing – but about true friendship, courageous decisions, big dreams or good coffee. Discussions are held in joint talks or in exchange with exciting personalities. Honest and personal.


Publication dates and topics 2024

4th March 2024Friendship - is there a magic formula?
18th March 2024Risk - why put all your eggs in one basket?
3rd April 2024Envy - why do we want what others have?
16th April 2024Tourism - how much is enough?
29th April 2024Motivation - how do I stay motivated?
13th May 2024Million-euro project - can we do it?
27th May 2024Visions - have we forgotten how to think big?
10th June 2024Transformation - how do I manage to set a new course?
24th June 2024Criticism - how do I learn to use it to my advantage?
8th July 2024Networking - how and where do I meet the right people?
22nd July 2024Financing - how do I convince others of my idea?
5th Aug 2024Stress - how do we deal with pressure?
19th Aug 2024Prejudices - how do we get rid of our thought pigeonholes?
2nd Sept 2024Rejection - how do I deal with it?
16th Sept 2024Creativity - how do I find the right solution?
30th Sept 2024Coffee - does it still wake us up?
14th Okt 2024Mistakes - how can I learn from them?
28th Okt 2024Focus - how do I stay focused and goal-oriented?
11th Nov 2024Comfort zone - why are we afraid of jumping in at the deep end?
25th Nov 2024Communication - how do I communicate?
09th Dez 2024Perfectionism - are we too self-critical?
23th Dez 2024Assertiveness - are we taken less seriously as women?

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